About Us


Anbalaya Special School, we provide special solutions for a better life, get basic education and facilitate them to develop their capacities through our special schooling. We are aimed towards helping children deal with ‘mental retardation, which is a term associated with below-average general intellectual function, and a lack of basic skills required for daily living. In our school facilitates children with all the necessary facilities like Special Education, Speech Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Behaviour Therapy and many others including the training on vocational skills to help them achieve the goal of living an independent life.

According to us, special children are special only because they are the only people who know how to love unconditionally. If at all they expect anything in return, it is only Love.Medically, special children can be categorized into those with Mild, Moderate & Severe disabilities. Society at large generally refuses to accept the fact that every individual human is distinctly different and each has his or her own individual talents and capacities to deal with the day to day life.